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O'Brien-Staley Partners (OSP) Bank Investing

O’Brien-Staley Partners is a world‐class value investing firm that specializes in US financial industry dislocation.  E. Gerald O’Brien (former head of CarVal Investors global loan portfolios) and Warren Staley (retired chairman of Cargill, Inc.) are the firm’s founders. 

Through them, O’Brien-Staley Partners is imbued with the core value investment discipline, risk management and governance DNA that has long been recognized as hallmarks of their personal and professional brands. 

With these roots, and based in the Twin Cities, the firm attracts key financial professionals with similar pedigrees and deep market awareness to specialize in commercial & industrial loans, commercial real estate credits, and other banking situations.


Above Photo: Oscar Bach’s highly-stylized decorative doors are part of the Minneapolis Institute of Art’s permanent collection. Commissioned in New York circa 1930, the work incorporates motifs of heavy industry in silver-plated figures on bronze roundels set upon a field of stainless steel in order to pay heroic tribute to the Machine Age, as well as American Capitalism and Banking.